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Wood Floor Questions
Woodfloor stair and accents
Woodfloor Repairs
Additions and Repair
When Planning your addition consult a wood floor specialist for seamless results every time.

Damage to wood flooring is not planned and needs attention immediately. You need repairs done for the safety and convenience. Choose a professional and time responsive contractor. Repairs can usually be performed on off hours and very quickly.
Stairs, Vents & Accents
Stairs are often times neglected during regular flooring upgrades and maintenance because they require skilled hand work that only an artisan can provide. We tred where others fear to go.  

Whether you are looking to match existing stiles in your home or just want a truely  flush vent you will not trip over and furniture will set straight on, We can help.

A wood floor can be more. Installing beautiful bursts or intricate inlays can be performed on new or existing floors and personalizes your home.
Residential Wood Floors

We have a variety of services including:
At Hardwood Floors by Artisan, we take care to provide our customers high quality services personalized for their unique needs. We are available to take your order 7 days a week.
Install                  (Local and exotic woods. Pre-finished and unfinished)
Sand                         (Existing and new floors)
Re-finish                      (Buff and coat, oil and water base finishes)
Wood stair                      (Treds and risers)
Repair                                   (Emergency 7 days a week response
Custom milling                       (Replace boards for floors no longer milled) 
Boarders and medallions          (Custom and pre-manufactured)
Specialty floors                       (Basketball, yoga, aerobics)
Residential                           (Entire home)
Commercial                       (Office, retail, hospitality and entertainment) 
Industrial                       (Our machines work around yours)

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Woodfloor Installation
New Installations
When installing a new floor you should select a species of wood that has the look you desire without staining if at all possible. This makes it possible to forgo staining or other treatments that increase maintenence costs and possibly finishing costs.
There are thousands of species available. One will meet your design needs. That is where experience is helpfull.
​This is where experience is paramount.
This is where Artisan means something.
This is where the experience of the person doing the work, not the age of the company matters most. I will put a quarter century of experience to work for you.
This is where Artisan outshines the competition every time for every customer.
Preventive Maintenance
Everyone should be aware of the ways to prevent excessive wear and damage to wood floors. There are plastic guides that can be used to slide or roll heavy displays that can not or should not be lifted. Cups or pads are used under the Tables and chairs. These inexpensive and easy to use items will protect the hard wood floors from deep scratches, dents, marring and the early depletion of the protective finish. If an accident does occur the damaged areas should be repaired as it will cause further wear and damage to adjacent boards. A safe and aesthetically pleasing look is easily maintained.