About Us

If you’re looking for experienced professionals that you can trust, look no further than Hardwood Floors by Artisan. Owner Victor Suarez has worked in this trade his entire life and has had great mentors who have guided him along the way. In turn, Victor and his associates obtain extensive experience and knowledge when it comes to working with hardwood floors. They offer a plethora of services ranging from:

Hardwood floor Installation - Sanding - Buff and Coat - Wood Treads and Risers - Wood Flush mount vents - Medallions - Maintenance - Repair

At Hardwood Floors by Artisan they are most passionate about forging a life long business relationship with their customers to keep their clientele happy. Owner, Victor Suarez, shows his devotion to his business and his clients by managing and personally being a part of every job. Victor is every customer’s main point of contact from the beginning of the project through the very end. Subsequently, Victor and his team are most admired by clients for their high quality customer service, ensuring each client receives their full attentiveness and responsiveness.

From your home to your business you can depend on Hardwood Floors by Artisan to make your hardwood floor dreams a reality.