For commercial hardwood floor services, we match our crew size efficiency and timeliness with the quality all our customers have come to expect. We work when your stores, offices, shops and arenas are closed. Preparation for your project begins the day you call.

Your hardwood floors are our primary concern but protecting your fixtures, products and timeline are constants that we maintain during the process. We analyze every aspect of the project including; time constraints, selection of materials and products that meet your needs,  access, security, materials and equipment staging, construction barriers and signage, power access and runs, work area environment isolation, the breakdown of a site, cleanup, removal, and disposal. 

Our long-term commitment is a signature of our company and we want your company standing on our floors for generations. 

Our long-term services:

A saying in the military is that no plan survives the first contact. We want to ensure your floor last the first time so we provide free regular scheduled inspections. We are here to help make suggestions and provide quick and easy adjustments that help you avoid the pitfalls that can become time-consuming and costly.  Your business is unique and so is your floor use and by understanding your business we can protect your floors.

Emergency response is available. Things happen and we can help mitigate further damage to your wood floors with our fast response and experience.

We want to be your floor company for life.